The Gamera Manifesto

So many software to write, so many ideas to implement, so many bugs to squash … and so little time.


Do your own thing, scrach your own itch. Build things that will make a difference to yourself. By working on projects that matter most to you, you'll be in the right mindset to achieve great things. Use your skills to build your dreams, not someone else's or worse, those of an imaginary customer that might never come. The more you are willing to sacrifice in order to succeed, the further you will go.


Don't let anything come in your way. Destroy your opponents or move away from them if they are too massive to be destroyed by your current set of skills. Fight the fear of not being able to achieve anything of importance. Step away from people who critisize your work without having the slightest clue what your ultimate goals are.


Your journey will be long and dangerous. Don't think you'll look more brave going fighting naked, no one cares. The only thing that matters is what will get the job done in the most effective way. So arm yourself with the best attire, one that fits your style and you feel comfortable handling. Learn how to craft new tools best suited for your task, and when things just don't feel right, jump out of your comfort zone to try new alternatives.


Stay alert to your surroundings. Ear the wise people who have built great things or failed trying to. Don't let the focus you keep on your goal blind you from the harsh constraints of reality. If succeeding means slowing down then do it. Whether the danger you face is a real one you need to take care of or a punny distraction you need to crush will be all up to you, learn how to make the difference. Lying to your own self, thinking you know the truth will only bring you to your doom.


Once you reach an obstacle too strong for you, don't bang your head into a wall for endless hours. Come to a complete halt. Think. Take your problem away from what you care the most and study it in isolation, without any risk harming the fruits of your previous labor. Look closely at this problem, does reaching your goal require that you overcome it? If not, then just let it slide away. Just don't forget your past enemies, be ready to face them again.


Some problems can't just be avoided. You know you have to pass through them in order to get where you want. But they seem huge. They are enigmatic. When you see them you are afraid. This is the time to retreat, not to abandon your quest, but to grasp the most profound secrets of your worse nemeses. Don't just scratch the surface of their inner workings, know their deepest secrets. Read books about them, whole books. Then practise fighting on training grounds. As your mastery grows, you can start working on your quest and learning at the same time.


You have mastered the knowledge making you able to conquer your past enemies, some of your worst nightmares won't look as scary then. While you can't confront them right away, keep an eye on them from afar. Once in a while come back to something you thought you couldn't overcome. Observe it, tackle it, but don't make it your primary target as long as it's not standing in your way.


Find the appropriate soundwaves that get you pumped up. Feed on them, help them get you in the zone. For some it will be fast and heavy beats, for others it might be complete silence. Whatever fits you best, stick with it and annihilate what turns you off. Getting an extra boost from the right vibes is nice but losing everything due to negative ones should be avoided at all cost. A good battlefield is something you must take care of. Cherish your environment.


Don't get yourself burned out from your own efforts. Your own power can also be a menace to yourself if you manipulate it mindlessly. Know when to let it go and take a break for a while. This is not a game based on quickness but one based on perseverance and playing exhausted won't get you anywhere. Step away regularly and appreciate what you have done, even if doesn't look like much. As long as you are attacking the right spot, there is progress being made. Your achievements aren't going anywhere, so go do something else, wander off, get filled with fresh energy. When you get back, you'll attack more fiercely than ever.